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Here are some fun photos of my little Lyla. I love, love, love the first picture. Her little eyes are so sweet. I took these while we were out on an beautiful farm in the stillwater area. {ENJOY}

Minneapolis Portrait Photographer {Lyla}

We were looking through some old photos and I found these from last year. We’re getting ready to head out to the orchard this weekend…maybe we’ll take more!

Minneapolis Portrait Photographer {Fall Family Photos}

My sweet baby is 6 months! How did this happen? It’s been hard for me to keep up on photos of my own kids, but I’m trying to take five minutes here and there to take a few pictures. I took these of Lyla out in our yard the other night. I LOVE those precious, […]

Minneapolis Portrait Photograher {Lyla}

When I was growing up we camped a lot…and I mean a lot!  We would go to some of the best camp sites in Minnesota. My father is a carpenter, but he went to school to be a ranger {or something similar to that}, so he loves the woods.  As a child, he taught me about every type […]

Family Vacation {Camping}

What kind of birthday party do you have when your daughter turns 8 and her mom is a photographer?  A birthday party revolved around photos of course!  Sara is certainly not camera shy!  She loves getting all dolled up and being the center of attention {what girl doesn’t?!}  Thanks to our dear friends, Carly and Laurie, […]

Girl’s Birthday Party {Sara is eight-years old!}

These are my two older girls.  Sara is 7 going on 8 and it is a perfect time to get photos of her with her teeth missing. I hope she stays as cute as she is through the awkward stage.  And since I had the camera out I also took a few photos of Nora […]

Minneapolis Portrait Photographer {Sara & Nora}

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